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The group was established in 1998 and is focused on technological development of software and hardware for language teaching and learning. In 2014, CoLink Inc. was set-up in the US to roll out global strategy to improve global business service, scale R&D and enhance maintenance site. The Core Team behind this strategic initiative have 20 years of expertise on educational learning through software and hardware advancement.

Our Core

Easy-to-use interactive language teaching and learning tool through software and hardware


March 2015

‘Android system based, wireless dual stream interactive language lab-CoLink Model M‘ debut.



March 2017

CoLink introduces the 10 inch paperless video intelligent conference system (android system).

Get to know us more



To learn a luanguage is to practice

Our technology helps to create an excellent language learning environment

3 millisecond Advanced
Sound Transmission

Our system have the latest  technology in audio- fragmentation transmission technology. 3ms real time is a premium Tech.

Dual-Track Feature

Featuring dual-track recording and playback, separate sound collection of source & target language, allows precise comparison.

Android Systems Based

Unified base system for installation,  control, anti-virus, system management, and best of all easy maintenance.

Interactive Classroom

Dual-stream technology, featuring broadcasting and
real-time video communication synchronously, creates an interactive classroom



Practice & Administer Exams Automatically audition, dual-backup, and customization settings

CD level Sound Quality


16bit / PCM 48KHZ. Without compressing sound sampling and transmission, CD level sound quality is achieve.

Wireless Broadcasting

Featuring wireless broadcasting, enhance the collaborative learning experience.

Opening learning platform


Featuring a free and open learning platform, and integrates with the modern learning methods: MOOCS, Flipped Classroom, etc.


Why world-class universities, colleges and schools choose us.


“Who we are is defined by our accomplishments
and the success of our partners.”


Your success is our success too.  Interested in our product? Do give as a call or inquire and we’re happy to serve you.

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